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AAU Adoptions provides services to women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy or crisis pregnancy. We offer unplanned pregnancy counseling and assist you with your adoption plans if that is the option you choose. AAU Adoptions also assists those wanting to adopt a child by providing home study, matching and post placement services. AAU Adoptions is a licensed non-profit South Dakota adoption agency and Arkansas adoption agency, but can assist pregnant clients or potential adoptive parents from any state.

We hear many things from those with an unwanted pregnancy when we answer our phones. "I want to adopt my baby out." Or "I want to give baby up for adoption."


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Unwanted pregnancy, pregnant teens, teen pregnancy, adopting, adoption services

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Our pregnancy counselor and adoption counselor are available for you 24 hours a day to help you make a decision for your baby and if you choose, to help you find a wonderful family to adopt your baby. We assist our clients with an open adoption, semi-open adoption or confidential adoption depending on what YOU want.

unplanned pregnancy, teen mom, adoption

Is adoption / adopting right for you?

Our staff have personally lived the adoption experience so we understand the process and feelings from start to finish. Click here for more info. about who we are.